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Away Goes The Day (Girl/Pink Flowers Bookmark)

Away Goes The Day (Girl/Pink Flowers Bookmark)


Have a special woman, young lady or girl you would like to inspire? Why not surprise her with our, “Away Goes The Day...” bookmark with words sure to provide a momentary respite from her everyday worries and takes her back to a more simple and carefree time in her life… Create a beautiful gift set by combining your bookmark with a matching card by the same title in our card products section!


An inspirational and economically friendly gift for your child’s favorite teacher, an office coworker, family member or friend, a colorful and inspiring Whisperings Bookmark will serve as a constant reminder of your appreciation of them.  Customers have found this product to be the perfect stocking stuffer, or a beautiful inclusion in birthday or party gift bags, so order yours today!


Every Whisperings Bookmark comes enclosed in a clear plastic sheath, complete with a colorful tassel making it easy to locate when marking progress in that favorite book!