An excellent choice for one of those times when it really matters...

It Matters Not (1)

It Matters Not (1)


Composed in the mid-1980’s, long before the word Diversity became a lexicon of the world's corporate and civic communities, It Matters Not… graced the pages of our poetic works. This timeless and insightful message calls out to the observer from unique and brilliant photographic images, then captures and holds the heart with a message so simple a child could understand it’s meaning…


Use this card to open dialogue with co-workers, family, children and friends about acceptance of others and the strength, beauty, and love that diversity brings to our world. 


Every “Whisperings…” card and matching envelope set is carefully enclosed in a protective clear plastic wrap which includes our exclusive sheer vellum-like semi-transparent note paper for writing a personal message, and peel and stick envelope logo sticker.