An excellent choice for one of those times when it really matters...

Rock-A-Bye Lullaby

Rock-A-Bye Lullaby


Beautiful photography combines with playful original verse and melody to express the unbridled joy in celebrating a new addition to the family! Not only will your card express well wishes to the parents, you will also be providing a special and unique way for them to celebrate the new life created!  The “Rock-A-Bye Lullaby" card provides an original soothing lullaby that provides endless hours of joy for new arrivals with a simple tune that's never to be forgotten…


Be sure to view our "Rock-A-Bye Lullaby Song Included" card -- which includes a preauthorized internet downloadable gift coupon allowing the new parents to download the lullaby to their smartphone, iPad, desktop or favorite internet enabled device! The fun and whimsical melody is sung beautifully and is sure to lull any baby to sleep. What a surprise for a new Mom! 


Every “Whisperings…” card and matching envelope set is carefully enclosed in a protective clear plastic wrap which includes our exclusive sheer vellum-like semi-transparent note paper for writing a personal message, and peel and stick envelope logo sticker.