An excellent choice for one of those times when it really matters...

Whispered Love (Rose on Pillow)

Whispered Love (Rose on Pillow)


Elegance abounds in photography and poetic prose as, Whispered Love…, beacons the very wind to carry intimate words to that special someone in your life. A seminal work, it is fast becoming a favorite within our romance category. Use this card to let the one you love know that you are thinking of them from distances close by or when far away… 


Perfect for travelers writing to their loved one, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or that candlelight dinner pas et dux! 


Every “Whisperings…” card and matching envelope set is carefully enclosed in a protective clear plastic wrap which includes our exclusive sheer vellum-like semi-transparent note paper for writing a personal message, and peel and stick envelope logo sticker.